The 2021/2022 HEROS season is here!

Nov 16, 2021 | News

All of us at HEROS are extremely happy to see our All Stars, SuperHeros and Future Stars return this hockey season. HEROS programs are resuming once again across the country and we are also “super” excited to welcome some new faces.

That’s right! Three new SuperHeros programs are joining the HEROS organization! The programs will be located in Surrey, B.C, Central Alberta and Calgary.

We are grateful for the dedication our program coordinators, volunteers and coaches continue to display in engaging with our HEROS players. Their contributions to the community ensure players receive an amazing program wherever they are.

Due to varying provincial COVID-19 protocols, each HEROS location has faced obstacles specific to their region. We know it has been challenging for our HEROS team, but the HEROS players who attend every week with bright smiles inspire the team to keep doing what they do. HEROS program coordinators did an amazing job and stepped up navigating COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine protocols, getting kids back into the program and making sure our players stayed engaged even when apart. They were creative and kept in touch with players off the ice, brought in guest speakers and made the weekly Zoom sessions very interactive.

By continuing to model our best HEROS behaviours and creating a fun environment, we make sure that kids always know HEROS is a place they can return to. Our goal and hope for this season is to have 100% of our programs back on the ice in every province, while still adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

In the western part of the country, HEROS is fully operational with on-ice programming. We have heard from HEROS players and volunteers participating in on-ice activities that they’ve been “overwhelmingly happy.”

More than 50% of the SuperHeros program has a mixture of on-ice and off-ice programming. Out in the eastern provinces, HEROS is operating on an off-ice schedule due to restrictions. We are hoping that we can resume on-ice activities in November.

Here’s to another amazing season and we look forward to seeing all of you there!