Welcome to the HEROS family LiUNA, Local 1611!

Mar 8, 2022 | News

HEROS wouldn’t be able to provide access to programming without the amazing contributions from the sponsors located coast to coast to coast across this country. One sponsor that HEROS would like to pay special tribute to is our new partner the Labourers’ International Union of North America, Local 1611 (LiUNA, Local 1611).

Nav Malhotra who is a business manager and Secretary-Treasurer for the union, first became aware of HEROS while at a rink in Surrey, B.C. with his own child. After a group of SuperHEROS players and volunteers playing hockey on the ice caught Nav’s attention, a member of the HEROS program explained to him that HEROS provides underprivileged youth with opportunities both on and off the ice. Nav later spoke to Norm Flynn, HEROS founder and president, about HEROS and the role it plays in the community.

“I thought this would be great for our union to work along with Norm and the team and to see what we can do,” Nav said.

Early this year, Nav presented HEROS with a $5000 donation on behalf of LiUNA, Local 1611, and the 8500 members in B.C. and the Yukon.

“I’m fortunate and I know how much my children love hockey and how many children play hockey throughout B.C, and it’s not a cheap sport,” Nav explained. “It’s expensive, and whatever we could do, we wanted to do.”

Donations like these allow HEROS to continue providing programs that children and youth can look forward to. It is this enthusiasm to participate that then opens the door for a program like HEROS to make a difference in their lives. These donations also provide our community partners like LiUNA, Local 1611 with the opportunity to see how their contributions make an impact in real time.

Nav recalls visiting a rink with his son early one morning and the HEROS players smiling just before their on-ice session for the day. One of the players was skating and Norm mentioned to Nav that it was the player’s first time on the ice, to which Nav complimented the player on the great job that he was doing.

“The smile that he gave back, it’s just great,” Nav said.  “Everybody does not have the opportunity or chance to put on skates to afford things like this. We may think it’s little, but it’s not to everyday families. It gives them hope.”

LiUNA, Local 1611’s commitment to community is evident in their history of giving. In addition to HEROS, the union supports food banks, animal shelters, retirement home facilities, schools, breakfast programs and those affected by the recent flooding in B.C..

“Everybody deserves a chance, an opportunity. Whatever we can do, we want to make sure that this young generation has a chance to become leaders when they grow up,” Nav said.

What stands out to Nav is the many people and moving parts at HEROS that “work together to give back to the children.” He is already looking forward to how the partnership will grow in years to come.

“We just started this partnership this year, but I would like to continue this partnership for many, many years,” Nav said.

We at HEROS are very grateful for the dedication each and every one of sponsors like LiUNA, Local 1611 play in making communities a better place.

Confirmed we use first and last on sponsors – we only omit last names for player profiles