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Player Development Insights From a Three-Time Olympian

After 25 years as a teacher and hockey coach at the prestigious Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, three-time Olympian Terry O’Malley knows his fair share about the development of […]

Mike Johnston on Building A Winning Team And How Parents Can Help

When the WHL’s Portland Winterhawks’ owner, Bill Gallacher, wanted to revamp the Hawks’ hockey operations in 2008, he turned to Mike Johnston — a sought-after coach who knows there’s a […]

New to Hockey? A quick rundown of the different minor hockey levels

Every hockey player — from the professional to the recreation-league player skating at the local rink — had to get a start on the ice somewhere. And for many players, […]

Is Weight Training Safe For Kids? A doctor and a strength coach weigh in on the dos and dont’s for youth hockey players

No matter what the sport, every young athlete who is fully committed and focused on the improvement of skills will look to gain every competitive advantage available, whether it means […]

40 Fun Hockey Facts

40 Fun Hockey Facts

When a sport has been around as long as hockey, there are bound to be plenty of interesting facts, legends and stories surrounding it. And from 10-point games to lost Stanley […]

Concussion Myths — Little-known facts plus 7 guidelines to help prevent serious injury

Concussion Myths — Little-known facts plus 7 guidelines to help prevent serious injury

Anyone who has been involved in sports for any length of time — especially contact sports — knows that concussions are a risk.  And because such an injury is tough […]

For the Love of Competition

February has long been recognized as the month of love but, in addition to Valentine’s goodies and hopefully a night off cooking (read: Dads, time to make a dinner reservation!), […]