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Help HEROS help more Canadian children

Voting has started for the Aviva Community Fundraising Grant and  HEROS needs your votes!! FUNDRAISING GOALS:To create a free ice hockey and off-ice mentoring support program for at risk youth in […]

Celebrating Canadians

Canada Day is a day for Canadians to plunk down on sidewalks and watch the parades.  It’s a day to acknowledge all those before us who have worked to give […]

Willie O’Ree Weekend for HEROS

Four of our very own HEROS recently had the great opportunity of attending the Willie O’Ree Weekend in Philadelphia.  This was the 17th consecutive year that HEROS boys and girls […]

How ‘Doing Good’ is Good For YOU!

There was a time when being part of community associations and clubs that did great work or offered camaraderie in a town was a given for most families. Having roots […]

Injury Prevention and Rehab Tips for Hockey Players

No matter what your age, if you play hockey — or any other sport — injuries are inevitable. However, according to Terry Kane, an orthopaedic physiotherapist who has worked with more […]

Player Development Insights From a Three-Time Olympian

After 25 years as a teacher and hockey coach at the prestigious Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, three-time Olympian Terry O’Malley knows his fair share about the development of […]

Understanding the CHL’s Major Junior Draft Process

For hundreds, if not thousands, of minor hockey players throughout Canada and the United States who dream of one day playing professional hockey, the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) Major Junior […]

Concussion Myths — Little-known facts plus 7 guidelines to help prevent serious injury

Concussion Myths — Little-known facts plus 7 guidelines to help prevent serious injury

Anyone who has been involved in sports for any length of time — especially contact sports — knows that concussions are a risk.  And because such an injury is tough […]