Getting Back On The Horse

I’ve always loved watching rodeos with the amazing energy and dynamic between the rider and horse. Just when you think they’ve rounded the final race turn and can’t give another ounce, or the rider looks like they can’t take one last throw, there always seems to be a final element of surprise. The horses will serge forward or attempt to unseat the rider, and we’re left with a totally new outcome.

I like to think of learning from life and sports wind up this way. You’ve put in all of that effort and time. You’ve been dedicated and so have the fans, parents, coaches and it’s starting to feel like you’re packing away the whole experience for another year, but hold on, what if this time you used those last few weeks to pick up the best advice you could ever have been given? What if by paying attention to key elements of a season or your life you were able to make yourself ready before the next big opportunity or training comes into view? Here’s how you can make it happen.

I often coach people on taking apart the premier aspects of what they’ve done in order to be able to create an action plan for what they want to do next or gain more of. It’s really looking at the details, and more often than not realizing that you already have what you need to be successful again without having to start from square one.

Ask yourself what was the best game, project or volunteer opportunity you were a part of? What were the elements that made it great was it the people, the collaboration, the energy, the problem you were trying to solve?

What part did you play? Were you able to use your talents and strengths to the fullest and in what way?

How did other people react to you and to the success? What stories did you and they tell about the experience?

It seems simple, but most of us are in such a hurry near the end of an interaction that we’re quick to put it in a box before we even have a chance to celebrate or recognize what made it great. When this happens it can sometimes lead us to feeling disconnected, like there wasn’t anything special about the event and we move on to the next big thing.

The truth is, when we take a moment to look at our successes closely we not only celebrate the best of ourselves and others, but determine what’s going to help us do well and enjoy ourselves the next time around. Inevitably watching the re-run of that last great ride sets us up for happiness and the biggest wins of all.

About The Author

Lynn Oucharek is a creative learning strategist and founder of O Vision Consulting. Over the past 17 years her focus has been on opening doors to creativity and innovation for individuals and organizations, inspiring people from five to 75 to do the “great work” they were meant to do. She utilizes her degrees in psychology...CONTINUE.