HEROS Opens Trading for CIBC Miracle Day!

The traditional bell ringing to open the TSX was a little livelier on December 5, 2018 with 10 HEROS from our North York Jane & Finch Chapter in attendance. On this day every year for the last 34 years, traders and advisors for CIBC donate their commissions and fees to children’s charities across the globe. What makes Miracle Day unique, as explained by Harry Culham Sr. Executive Vice-President of CIBC, is “we don’t ask for donations from clients or the public. The fees and commissions go directly to help children build a better future.” This year CIBC Miracle Day raised $5.7 million dollars for charities all over the world.

Our HEROS had a truly special day, feeling like celebrities, thanks to CIBC. They were treated to a fancy lunch with cake pops being the highlight of the meal and a view of downtown Toronto from the 28th floor of the CIBC offices. Spinning in the lobby revolving doors provided a lot of entertainment for our kids! The day got even more exciting when some of our HEROS got on the phones and completeda $500K currency transaction with the help of a CIBC trader! Check out our high powered HEROS traders at Miracle Day 2018.

With so many activities planned it was easy to overlook the smaller miracles that happened throughout the day.  While walking through the streets one of our HEROS commented, “I never thought I’d see it,” Executive Director Kevin Hodgson asked, “See what, the stock exchange?” to which our HERO replied “No…Downtown! I never thought I’d get to see what it looks like.”

It was a special day for everyone involved, both for our HEROS and CIBC staff who were noticeably energized from the day.  Back at school one of our participants remarked, “this is the best day of my life.”

Thank you to our generous supporting sponsor CIBC for including us in their magical #CIBCMiracleDay celebrations and for being on our team since day one.


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