HEROS Volunteer Profile – Terron

Terron Falk has a full and busy life: CIBC portfolio manager, dad and HEROS volunteer. Terron has been with HEROS since the early days of the organization, he has held the role of chairman and is now chairman emeritus and helps to secure funding for the program, and one thing that hasn’t changed is how passionate he is about HEROS.  “Seeing the kids and the successes…to this day I keep in touch with kids that were in the very first program. They’re on their way to becoming lawyers and doctors and professionals and just good people. That’s what keeps you going.” The growth he sees in the participants while participating in the program is “profound.”

While Terron loves hockey, he believes that HEROS truly is more than hockey – it’s simply a means to provide kids an attractive alternative and a way to reach them. Terron explained, “That’s when you begin to have a dialogue. They’re willing to hear your message which is ‘Hey, let’s strive for something, let’s help your mom out, let’s be good to your brother, let’s strive for something more.’ They listen.”

Terron believes, “At-risk kids need continuous support from people that will not let them down like others may have in their life.” A key asset of HEROS is the volunteers because of “the potential they have to effect change.” Volunteers showing up to every practice, every season – the kids take notice and realize that, “somebody cares about me.” HEROS is there for these kids throughout their development and can be counted on, on and off the ice. Terron observed that for some of the kids in HEROS it is a chance to just be a kid, often for the first time in their lives, “They come in and people care about them and care about their lives and you know, that’s a first.”

Terron thinks that, throwing money at situations isn’t an effective way to support kids but the approach at HEROS is both effective and successful. Many HEROS volunteers describe the program as unique because when you donate to HEROS it’s going directly back to the program and has a huge impact helping kids turn their lives around. Terron is proud to support HEROS as part of CIBC’s Miracle Day, which contributes to numerous children’s charities. On that day, Terron donates his commissions to HEROS and encourages his colleagues to do the same. Terron truly believes that HEROS is not only changing kids’ lives, but also saving them. “Getting into the guts of problem is the only way you’re going to affect real change.”

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