Calgary-All-Stars The city of Calgary has the largest concentration of any HEROS programming with three programs helping young people in two neighbourhoods: Forest Lawn and Bowness.

Forest Lawn

The Greater Forest Lawn area, one of the oldest in Calgary, is home to many of the most culturally diverse families, businesses and restaurants the city has to offer. It is also the home of families who have lived in the area for generations; it is not unusual to find seniors who have lived and raised their families in the same homes they themselves grew up in. They are proud to be from Forest Lawn, as evidenced by their well cared for homes and high level of activity in advocating for what’s great about their area. There is a stark contrast in the area – one that has been present for decades and that the neighbourhoods have also become known for. The most significant poverty levels in the Calgary are found here. Police activity in the area is among the highest in the city and kids growing up are forced every day to make tough decisions that could alter the course of their lives in a positive or negative way. On residential streets, you will find a well manicured yard next door to a home condemned due to its use as a grow house. Community leaders work tirelessly to promote what is great about the area, while the media commonly highlight the struggles. HEROS is proud to have become part of the fabric of the communities starting in 2006, working to provide opportunities for youth to become positive impacts on the area they live.


Calgary Flames Foundation for Life is the Home Ice Partner for our Calgary – Bowness program. The foundation has been a great supporter of HEROS since it began in the Forrest Lawn area in 2006 and solidified the relationship in 2014, helping HEROS expand and add an additional Calgary program in the Bowness area.