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HEROS has partnered with l’Association des Braves d’Ahuntsic to offer its 10th program to the children of the northern Montreal neighbourhood of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

The borough Ahuntsic-Cartierville is distinguishable by the diversity of its residents. Immigrants comprise 33% of the borough’s population, which is higher than the immigrant population of the city of Montreal at 28%. In spite of the overall quality of life there has been a sharp decline in funding for recreational programs and infrastructure development. The neighbourhood is now confronted with problems such as a rise in the use of drugs and more criminalized groups of minors through street gangs.

The Braves d’Ahuntsic were founded by a group of generous volunteers, headed by the legendary hockey player Maurice “Rocket” Richard. Recently the Braves will celebrate its 55th anniversary making it one of the oldest minor league hockey organizations in Quebec. The Braves have worked with over 25,000 girls, boys and young adults to date.