Since our inception, HEROS has been working to support youth with barriers to access sport in their communities due to poverty and other related issues. These young people often face a range of challenges including isolation, disconnection from peers, and not feeling fully integrated in their community. Through our Super HEROS program in Calgary, we will provide the same safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment to youth with Cognitive Challenges, including Autism & Down’s Syndrome.

In the provinces west of Ontario, there have been few places for these young people to take part in hockey –
this is a significant gap we are excited to help fill. Super HEROS is open to boys & girls with Cognitive Challenges aged 7-17. This completely free program will provide an adapted on-ice curriculum focusing on station work from a Learn to Play perspective. Being part of a league and playing competitive games is not the objective, but opportunities to share the hockey experience with youth from other communities will be part of the program. Participants will be supported every step of the way by a dedicated team of Volunteer Mentors who will provide programming on and off the ice, utilizing the HEROS model, in place since 2000.

Our Calgary Super HEROS will join more than 125 Calgary based HEROS, and more than 650 youth nationwide, wearing the HEROS jersey – teammates with whom they can share the joy of hockey.

“This has been a very long quest for our community, and I still have to pinch myself that it is actually happening. This is going to be something that is going to change many lives for a long time”
Al Stewart – parent of Hockey Player with Autism and Super HEROS volunteer