Improve Your Puck Skills With This Simple Piece Of Home Made Equipment:

This simple piece of equipment can quickly help increase puck skills and offensive awareness. The ‘horse,’ as we like to call it, is used to simulate the ‘attack triangle’ of a defenseman. The attack triangle is the area underneath the opponent’s stick and in front of his/her feet. Being able to slide the puck through this space with confidence and control gives the puck carrier a chance to beat the defender 1 vs 1.

The second benefit of using this piece of equipment in training is increasing hand eye coordination. By sliding the puck under and around the horse, the player is forced to separate the stick from the puck throughout the repetitions. The brain pattern developed during these moves allows the player to increase neural pathways and increase coordination. I’m always pleased when coaches and players tell me, “I saw Sidney Crosby using that!” We’ve been using this piece of equipment for years, and Mr. Crosby has certainly given its value considerable credibility. The horse can be made easily by attaching a few feet of an old broken stick to two pucks on each end. I’ve demonstrated the use of the horse in this short video, but left my head out of the shot in case I failed miserably with cold hands!


About The Author

Nate has a Master Degree of Education from Madrid, Spain, speaks German, Swiss German, & French, and played seven years of professional hockey in Europe. Nate is the owner of Leslie Global Sports with brother Boe, the creator of his new member site, How to Play Hockey, and the Director of the West Coast Hockey Prep Camp. CONTINUE.