J.WYNNEJohn Wynne joins One Million Skates as a man with many takes on the hockey industry.  He has dedicated his adult life to the business of hockey.  He is currently the General Manager of an independent sporting goods retail store in Brampton, Ontario.

John is a married Father of two boys and all participate in hockey.  Both children are active players in the local minor hockey.  His wife plays in an adult recreation league once highlighted on CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada.  John plays and referees adult recreation hockey, coaches one of the boys teams, coached elite travel hockey prior to starting his family and is a member of the local hockey executive.  In the past John has spent 25 years in the sporting goods industry managing sports stores, taking on management roles with several large retail organizations and managed a large adult recreation league.

John’s goal as a contributor is to bring a voice to parents looking for information on equipment, minor hockey experiences and the joys of friendships created within the hockey world.

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