HEROS offers two main on ice hockey programs that are completely free for all participants: Future Stars and All Stars.


“Playing hockey takes away worries and frees your mind.  HEROS has taught me to respect and help teammates.” -Chima, age 12

Future Stars

  • Grades four through eight
  • Participants identified through partner schools or social services agencies
  • Everything required to play hockey is provided for free
  • Start with basics of putting on their gear and learning to play and eventually how to become more self assured and resilient
  • Introduction to mentoring relationship

All Stars

  • Grade eight and higher
  • Youth transition from the Future Stars program
  • Weekly programming including ongoing mentorship and life-skills training
  • Enhance opportunities for success as participants move into independent adulthood
  • Training for positions as peer mentors in Future Stars programs

HEROS also offers programming outside of the regular hockey season including:

  •        Summer and spring hockey based programming
  •        Life skills development sessions
  •        Post-secondary application and preparation
  •        Vocational exploration
  •        Early literacy promotion
  •        Physical literacy opportunities (fishing, golf, wakeboard/waterski)

More than Hockey

We promote personal growth using mentor-based hockey programming as the catalyst but our success is measured on and off the ice. To help our participants achieve their dreams off the ice we provide workshops in areas like:

  •        Conflict resolution and healthy relationships building
  •        Drug awareness and addiction prevention
  •        First aid training
  •        Financial literacy
  •        Hockey coaching and referee training
  •        Vocational exploration, preparation, training and goal setting
  •        Professional skills such as resume writing, interviewing and personal presentation
  •        Tours of local post secondary institutions
  •        Work experience placements and internships
  •        Volunteer and “give back” opportunities for youth participants in their communities

We support academic development, and personal success beyond post secondary school with participants attending a variety of institutions across Canada. Some participants receive financial assistance for minor hockey, post-secondary and vocational education.

“I have learned how to deal with things, how to deal with the pressure better.  It has taught me to never give up.”  – Courtney, age 12