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Coaches vs. Parents

The parent treads on dangerous ground when they criticize a popular coach. The fact that children today are more likely to question the actions of the coach than they were when Percival was coaching makes the second part of his warning more important. The parent is there to support the young player in their endeavours, balance their different reactions to the coach and promote a healthy relationship with the game of hockey. Questioning the coach’s actions in front of your child is not helpful.

November: Topping Up The Energy Tank

Everything good this season will result from the energy of your players! When it comes to playing your best game, understanding how to re-energize is every bit as important as […]

Player Development Insights From a Three-Time Olympian

After 25 years as a teacher and hockey coach at the prestigious Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, three-time Olympian Terry O’Malley knows his fair share about the development of […]

Behind The Bench — 5 guidelines every winning coach should follow to take the team to the next level

If you really want to be successful as a coach, if you really want to motivate and inspire your players to take their game to the next level, if you […]

Three Ingredients For A Great Team Culture

My wife, Jenn, and I really enjoyed the 19 seasons of minor hockey that our three boys played. Our oldest son, Ben, who now plays professional hockey, was a Novice […]