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Aviva Community Fund: Vote For HEROS

HEROS has the great opportunity of being one of the organizations in the running in the Aviva Community Fundraising competition.  Our hockey program for marginalized youth across the country needs YOUR […]

The Happy Warrior

Rule # 4 Teach them to enjoy the thrill of competition and sharpen their skills.
Don’t say “winning doesn’t count” because it does. Instead, help develop the feel for competing, for trying hard and having fun. Explain that the “Happy Warrior” who loves all aspects of play is usually the best athlete in the long term, certainly the happiest and most well-adjusted one.

Dry Land Training Techniques

When it comes to understanding what proper training looks like for players at the minor hockey level, parents can often be confused or blindly miss-led into following all the hype. […]

Time for Off-Season Activities

Many kids get involved in spring hockey after the regular season, but when school is out and summer starts, it’s time to hang up the skates for a while… A […]