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Never Make Comparisons

It’s so important for parents to help their young hockey players understand what they bring to the team.

Coaches vs. Parents

The parent treads on dangerous ground when they criticize a popular coach. The fact that children today are more likely to question the actions of the coach than they were when Percival was coaching makes the second part of his warning more important. The parent is there to support the young player in their endeavours, balance their different reactions to the coach and promote a healthy relationship with the game of hockey. Questioning the coach’s actions in front of your child is not helpful.

Let Them Dream

Rule #5 Don’t live through your hockey player.

Try not to re-live your athletic life through your child. You fumbled too. You lost as well as won. You were frightened, you backed off at times and you were not always heroic. Don’t pressure your child because of your pride.

Home Fitness: What You Need

Parents often ask me, “What can my child do at home?” to stay fit and get stronger. First, it’s important to keep it all in perspective. Parents don’t need to […]

Gear Up for the Game

When’s the last time you had a good, long look inside your hockey bag? Here are some great, cost-effective ways to keep your gear in shape.