The Top Five Reasons to Support HEROS Hockey Today

1.    You’re helping children play the sport Canadians love so much.
Hockey is an expensive sport and many Canadian families are not able to afford registering their kids into a regular hockey association. HEROS is there to give economically challenged or at-risk youth the same opportunity that many of their peers have. Inclusion and a sense of community are just some of the results we see every day in our program. Hockey is the catalyst to allow for extraordinary things to happen.

  • 80% of our families struggle to meet their basic needs
  • 95% could not afford to register their child in a sport without HEROS

2.    We empower children on and off the ice. 
What sets us apart is the scope of activities and mentorship that we offer our participants. They are exposed to a variety of activities, such as tours of workplaces, outdoor trips, and other life skill building events.  Our support does not just end when the ice time is over, it extends to other facets of their life. Our program offers so much more than hockey. To read more about HEROS’ impact on the lives of our players and volunteers, subscribe to our monthly newsletter Along the Boards

3.    Your money will have a direct impact. 
Your donation goes directly to helping our players. For every $1 donated 94¢ goes directly to funding the kids ice time, gear and activities. All HEROS participants receive their gear, ice time and events FREE.  HEROS employs two full-time staff who coordinate all HEROS chapters across the country.  We are able to keep our costs low due to our extraordinary network of volunteers from across the country who make the HEROS engine run smoothly.

4.    Our program is for all kids.
HEROS has over 20 programs 9 cities across Canada, serving over 10,000 participants and supported by nearly 200 volunteers.  In a country as vast and diverse as Canada you can donate to HEROS and know that you are helping those in a community close to you.

  • 40% of our players are new Canadians
  • 25% are indigenous
  • 40% live in single parent females
  • 35% of participants and volunteers are female.

5.    Donations over $25 are fully tax deductible.        
For any donation over $25 we will send you a tax receipt which you can claim on your tax return.

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