Sponsor Profile – KPMG

Mar 15, 2019 | News

KPMG’s relationship with HEROS is led by Scott Jeffery, a partner in KPMG’s Vancouver office.  Scott has a passion for hockey and  believes that sport can lead to positive impacts in the community. KPMG’s involvement with HEROS was initiated through a mining-industry event that KPMG co-hosts with Vancouver-based miner, Goldcorp Inc., called Disrupt Mining.  Event proceeds were donated to scholarship funds and local charities, and HEROS was one of the recipients. Scott was impressed by the benefits HEROS was bringing to the local community and, to see things in action, Scott and his two children attended the HEROS Vancouver Downtown East Side holiday celebration last December. The “event blew me away” he explained.  He saw the joy of the players on ice but it was after they left the ice that Scott was struck by the difference the program was making to the lives of the children, “each one of the boys and girls came over and they introduced themselves and shook your hand. It is clearly not about playing hockey it is about teaching responsibility, respect, and having fun through hockey, hockey is just the tool.”

KPMG believes in supporting their employees’ passions in how they want to make a positive impact in the community, “our philosophy is that if you want someone to have an impact it needs to be something that they care about. There are so many different ways to give back and we don’t want to dictate that” explains KPMG Vancouver’s Community Impact Leader Jodi Moss. HEROS is an example of KPMG’s philosophy in action. With offices all across Canada, KPMG emphasizes giving back to their local communities by supporting the community impact passions of each individual, while also driving firm-level impact goals that map to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. “We just feel it’s the right thing to do. Business can’t just stand aside and wait. It has become part of our culture.”

Despite always being a fan of hockey Scott did not begin playing until he was 25 and he says that in many ways it still makes him feel like a kid, so he understands the passion a young player can feel getting their first taste of the game. This passion for hockey is part of what drives him to support HEROS.  It is Scott’s vision to encourage KPMG’s large employee base, many of whom are hockey players like himself, in the lower mainland to become involved with HEROS as volunteers, “I want you to be overwhelmed with volunteers.”says Scott. He acknowledges the transformative powers sport can bring, “I am a big believer in the positive impact of team sports for children. It teaches leadership skills, dedication, hard work, and a sense of comradery which are important for the development of children, which is why it was an easy decision to support HEROS.” Scott explains.

“We all have a role to play to build a vibrant, sustainable community – and that means businesses and individuals. At KPMG, we believe in maximizing our community impact by bringing the individual passions of our people together with the influence of our business. ”

Thank you, Scott and KPMG, for your tremendous support of our Downtown East Side chapter helping us bring life skills and the game of hockey to our boys and girls.