Across the Ice

Mar 13, 2023 | News

When players from HEROS Ottawa and Christie Lake Kids meet for their annual exhibition games, what transpires is bigger than hockey. Both Ottawa-based hockey organizations share similar values, and provide a safe, welcoming space where players can develop confidence, make new memories and get a feel for playing against another hockey team in the area.

The matchup between HEROS and Christie Lake Kids dates back more than five years. It started when volunteers from HEROS and Christie Lake Kids realized that they both had a mutual goal of removing the barriers keeping young people in Ottawa from playing hockey.

The two organizations came together for a series of matches, giving players the chance to play against another team and experience the feeling of a true “away game.” Since then, the matchup has become a continued tradition that both HEROS and Christie Lake Kids look forward to.

“These games mean a lot to the players,” said HEROS mentor Geoff. “It gives them a chance to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. Having something like this to motivate everyone is amazing and it really supports their growth in both their hockey skills and their character.”

In their recent December game against Christie Lake Kids, HEROS players experienced several milestones, including one player scoring their first ever goal, another making their very first save and another having an assist. In true HEROS spirit, these moments resulted in cheers and celebration from the HEROS bench.

“At HEROS I learned that trying new things can lead you to something good. You just have to keep trying,” said Zaynab, an Ottawa HEROS player.

In this edition of the matchup, Christie Lake Kids got the win in an exciting and very close game. It was all in the spirit of fun and friendly competition, and both our HEROS and the Christie Lake Kids came away with an appreciation for each other’s teams, a newfound belief in their abilities and most importantly new friends, which is a win for both teams.

We are so proud of the hard work and dedication our HEROS in Ottawa have put forward this season. They’ve taken important steps toward finding their own definition of success and have developed crucial skills that will help them as they continue through their life journey.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t extend our heartfelt gratitude to Christie Lake Kids and our community partners across the country, who have provided incredible development opportunities for HEROS players throughout this season.

If you or your organization want to provide HEROS players in your community with additional development opportunities like this, please contact us today at 905-914-0315 or by email at