Growth and Change: Welcoming Pam Ryan as Board Chair

Mar 13, 2023 | News

HEROS is entering an important period of growth and change. This year, with an expanded team we’re launching programs in new communities throughout Canada, we’re creating new community partnerships to continue supporting our HEROS and SuperHEROS players in finding success, and we’re welcoming a new board chair.

Every season, HEROS’ board members dedicate their time and talents to ensure the HEROS organization remains impactful, accountable and inclusive. They help plan events, attend workshops, fundraise and generate awareness of HEROS at every opportunity.

Founding board member and outgoing chair, Casey McCawley, has been with HEROS from the start. He played a key part in HEROS’ evolution from a weeklong summer camp hosted in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, to a year-round program serving young people throughout Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. While Casey is stepping down as chair as he takes an exciting step on his life journey, he will continue as a member of the board and pass the role of chair to fellow HEROS board member Pam Ryan, who enthusiastically joined HEROS as a board member in 2018.

Born and raised in B.C., Pam grew up as a big hockey fan. She fondly remembers Saturday nights sitting in front of the T.V. with her family watching Hockey Night in Canada, and time at the rink watching her brother play, hoping that one day she could play too. While there were no opportunities for young women to play the game in her community during her youth, she made her dream a reality as an adult in 2014, first learning to skate and then joining a league team.

A planner by training, Pam has spent the majority of her career in strategic communications and public consultation. Now President of Lucent Quay Consulting Inc., a full-service communications and engagement firm with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, Pam lends her wealth of knowledge in event planning, media relations and community engagement to HEROS, in hopes of making the game of hockey more inclusive for young people no matter their gender identity, faith, background or ability.

Pam recalls her first introduction to HEROS by predecessor, Casey, saying her eyes were opened to the need for programs like HEROS.

“Growing up in a hockey family, I thought everyone had a hockey bag in their garage. I had no idea that programs like HEROS were so desperately needed in our communities,” said Pam.

In her five seasons of hard work as a board member, Pam has been a crucial part of identifying other areas of need throughout HEROS communities and adapting our programs to serve the young people that need them the most.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done to consciously expand our programming to fill other needs,” said Pam. “SuperHEROS is a great example of what’s possible through the power of intention. Together with Kevin, Norm and our amazing volunteers, we brought ideas together on how to become a more welcoming and inclusive organization – and we made it happen.”

As we move forward into this exciting new chapter, HEROS is thrilled to welcome Pam’s leadership, dedication and compassion, along with her ambitious goal of expanding HEROS to serve marginalized youth from coast to coast, to coast. We’re also lucky to have Casey’s continued support and experience. Big fans of inclusive hockey, HEROS and one another, Pam and Casey are the first to wish each other and the organization every success. We can’t wait to see what together we will accomplish next!