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From Mentee to Mentor: A HEROS Success Story

The HEROS program (Hockey Reaching Out Society) is an incredible cross-Canada initiative supporting youth in at-risk neighbourhoods, but it is about so much more than just hockey.  HEROS is about […]

End of Season Reflection: Celebrating the moments that defined your team

The inevitable ups and downs of a season bring a team together and force them to grow. While looking back at the end of the year remember to celebrate all the big and small victories, from individual skill improvement to leadership. Every team has unique defining moments over the course of the season that make them who they are.

A True Hero: Dad, This One’s for You

For many years I have worked with kids for a living, however I have no idea what it will feel like when it’s my son I am coaching. Instead, I […]

The MacGyver Way: Using What You Have

A few weeks back, I asked a group of 17-year-old boys I was doing a career workshop with if they knew who MacGyver was. Thankfully, most of them did, which […]

Losing the Bubble-Wrap: What I learned from failure

Are young athletes today too over-protected? Sometimes failing, making mistakes and playing on a second-string team can be the best thing for them.

Don’t worry that you might fall this Fall

It’s the season for starting something new! Try stepping out of your comfort zone this fall and see where it takes you.

Preseason Testing

Without pre-season testing on and off the ice coaches can be left at a loss trying to figure out how to help a player improve. On-ice coaches and strength coaches need to make sure they are communicating to give players a better opportunity for long-term success and performance.